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The Art of Remodeling: Ambience that Windows Provide

Ambiance: one characteristic of your home created by windows. Whether you choose picture windows, horizontal rollers, architectural windows, project out or awnings, the possibilities of creating the ambiance of a room are limitless. Standard-sized windows are a classic choice that serve function and practicality well, often strategically placed to light their rooms efficiently. Customized windows build upon the practical utilization of light and provide exciting opportunities to further enhance visual impact in addition to their rooms’ ambiance.

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Remodeling Rebound 2015: An Innovative Plan for Exceptional Home Renovation

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies 2015 report, Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market, indicates that the remodeling industry has almost fully rebounded from the 2007-2009 recession that was initiated by the collapse of the eight billion dollar housing bubble. In comparison with the general housing market, the hardier recovery of the home remodeling sector can be attributed to:

  • Homeowners with lower interest rates deciding to remodel rather than buy new homes
  • Stimulus programs giving tax breaks for homeowners using energy-efficient home products
  • Growing rental property demand compelling landlords to reinvest in leased property
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