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Replacement Impact Windows and Doors: an Investment Not an Expense

For many people, home improvement projects will be a reality over the course of their homeownership. According to a 2014 Real Estate Rebound report compiled by Ebiquity for American Express, 35 percent of homeowners cite the desire to express individual style as the primary reason for making home improvements, while 30 percent state the increase of property value as the main motivation for remodeling. In that respect, home improvements run the gamut of small DIY efforts like repainting a room to larger jobs of replacing a roof, doors or windows. With almost 75 percent of homeowners investing an average of $4,000 in their home improvement projects, however, the common concern among all is value.

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Born in the USA: Your Impact-Resistant Glass Windows and Doors

In 1906, a piece of land along Lake Michigan 25 miles east of Chicago and its railways was determined to be a prime location for the manufacture of steel. The city built there was named after the founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation, Elbert Henry Gary, and was primarily populated by employees of the Gary Works steel mill. For 60 years the mill and town manufactured 67 percent of the steel on the market and survived fluctuations in the industry. Though the mill functions at 30 percent today, it is still Gary, Indiana’s, largest employer; Karl Malden worked there, Joe Jackson worked there and so did my Dad.

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